plush toys

  1. SparkleBunny

    How many unique plushies do you have?

    I have 2 unique plushies. Ones a white tiger pillow pet and the other is a unicorn peek-a-boo plush. Both can turn into pillows, but yeah. What about you guys? I'd even count things such as stompeez and bright eyes as plushies, so list away.
  2. WigglesThePup

    The Plush Insanity

    Hola everyone! So I'm thinking of getting a stuffie to cuddle with at night because secretly I'm very lonely. Not sure if I want a life-sized teddy bear or anything, just a plush companion. Any ideas? You can think of this as a show & tell thread too. So why not show/talk about your stuffie...
  3. Snaps

    Losing a Plushie

    Hiya All! So i found this tonight.... Just thought that was an amazing story. :3 Now, i don't think i've ever lost a plushie. I've had them taken away from me though! I used to have a teddy bear called "Beazly" (Beez-lee)...