1. S

    Hello From So. California!

    Hi!! I’m Stacey, I’m a sissy-diaper girl and love everything from panties to diapers...anything pink lol. I mostly play in the bedroom with only one actual meet up. (Met a daddy for training sessions). I am looking to meet new friends and ABDLs more importantly!
  2. BluefireJay05

    I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

    just like the title says...... I bought some play-doh. the other day in wal-mart I looked and looked and could not find the right kind of toys then I see some play-doh and I picked up and purchased it. I have not had any fun with it yet I need to find a table with a smooth enough surface and...
  3. Ian16545

    Changing time games and songs?

    Don't know if this has been talked about yet or not, but: Are there any songs you like to hear/games you like to play while having your diaper changed? Of course, there's the usual things: peek-a-boo, boop-on-your-nose, the Alphabet Song, This Little Piggy... But here's what I'd pick: Eye...
  4. S

    Getting my Diaper Changed

    I really love the feeling of wearing a diaper and using it at times. I want to explore further and I have asked my husband in a playing way if he would chane my diaper. He kind of laughed it off. I'm not sure if he is put off by the idea or just uncomfortable. I really would like him to, I'm...
  5. E

    What To Pack For A Play Date?

    im going to a play date with some ab friends next week from a few days, and i was wondering what would be good thinks to take for a play date? Thanks erl
  6. TaviMunk

    Fun Group Pics

    Hey everyone. Hope ya all been doing well. Sorry I haven't been on here in gosh know how long. I lost track. ^^; Plus it took a few turns to remember my password <///< I see much has been going on since my last time here. I was told I was mentioned quite a bit. As he said I'm quite the...
  7. BabyHeroSakura

    Link's Play Date

    Hello BabyHeroSakura here. I'm working on a story on the Legend of Zelda, it's kind of cheesy but its just the intro. Any criticism is welcomed.:sweatdrop: Link's Play date "Congratulations Link! It's a baby boy", the nurse held and cleaned Link's newborn baby covered him in a white...
  8. B


    Hi. My name is Bella Grace! I am a sissy who love the feeling of a nice diaper on her bum! [Removed]
  9. MonteDriver93

    a little about me

    I am a normal teenager who just likes to have fun. I work and sleep alot but otherwise im on my computer or im playing my xbox 360. aslo i like to drive and im a DL. I want to find others like me that want to talk about anything and will answer any questions i have and i will answer any...
  10. h3g3l

    Writing a musical.

    *sigh* I would like to write a musical. I have no music background--aside from chorus, but I've forgotten how to read music--and haven't written a play before. So, of course, I'd like to combine the two. This may be doomed to fail, but ... I have a few main questions: Is there a software...
  11. Mesmerale

    Mesmerale has decided to start making Let's Plays

    Alright, of all the things I'd come back from a 8 months hiatus for, it'd be this. ~~~ For those who don't know what a Let's Play is. It's a video walkthrough (of sorts) of a game, with commentary and just general speech from the player included. They're very fun to watch. ~~~ I'm officially...
  12. KidJoey


    So a few weeks ago I began chatting with somebody I met on another ABDL site about my ABDL status. And as we chatted more and more I began to no longer feel intimidated by him and decided it was a good time to meet in person. So this past weekend we met and went out for coffee. And found out he...
  13. Altric

    Playing With Food

    After I eat a meal, I find that if there is any food left on my plate I didn't eat, I can't help but play with it. I poke it with utensils, add stuff to it, put it in a glass, and mix it up, etc... I know that it is sometimes disgusting, but I like to play with food. I do the same thing with...
  14. quattrus

    Baby play and foreign languages

    I'm not an AB myself but, being a part of the ADISC community, it happened to me to think several times about how a *B roleplay session works, and I came up with an idea that maybe could be useful to someone - or maybe someone else has already put into practice. One of the most important facts...
  15. Pramrider

    Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow...

    The weather was teasing me this afternoon. I was out covering up a load of slabwood delivered to us this morning, and a little flurry of snow started coming down. Man, I hope we get a decent snow around here this season. I'd love to sit by the window, sipping on a hot chocolate, watching the...
  16. betagame

    Play Sub-forum in diaper talk??

    the play forum is for people who RP or masturbate, aerobic evercises, and the shower thang, laugh and pee, put a hose in the back[not in your ass, mind you!] of the diaper for instant wetting,