1. K

    Fetware Plastic Pants Tips?

    I'm looking to buy a pair of plastic pants from Fetware, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the various types that they sell? I only wear disposables, but I like em thick and big. Think double-diapered Abena M4s or an Abena and a Dry 24/7. I figure that the pants made for the...
  2. A

    Diaper smell when wet

    I have noticed a certain smell that comes off my dry 24/7s when I wet them. The smell seems to trigger something in me. Attends smell great to me when wet as well. Not as dominent as old attends but still there. When touch the front the smell of the wet plastic rubs off onto my hands. Anyone...
  3. A

    Dry 24/7 plastic VS Attends plastic

    Anyday now I am expecting my Dry 24/7 diapers. I'm so excited. Leaving work tonight I was really craving. I came home and put on an Attends w waistband. I have always loved the plastic on Attends, even though quality has gone downhill I still love how smooth and crinkly they are. My question...
  4. T

    Local stores not selling plastic back and/or taped diapers anymore

    This is very disappointing. Found this out when going to restock for nighttime wetting. I'm stuck with the pull up kind again and they will no doubt leak. Ugh. Is this the same for any of you? Even our local pharmacy doesn't stock them anymore.
  5. M


    I am a bedwetter/dl, and I also really like plastic pants. I think it's great that this fetish picked us, don't you? Anyway I hope to meet some old and new friends here at ADISC.
  6. W

    Plastic-backed store brand nappies

    Hello,everyone,this is whiteresearcher. I have learned that some of the store-specific brands of nappies (or as I like to term them,'incontinence undergarments') are still plastic-backed just like standard brands were in the 1990s (please note that this only applies to 'value' brands such as...
  7. Fox

    Contisure Contifit-Maxi Review

    Hey guys, this is my first review so im gonna try and cover all the bases, hopefully i dont miss anything. I found these on Ebay in australia so i figured i'd give them a go. I'v tried finding some other reviews of contifit nappy's but the only thread there seems to be is people asking what...
  8. nyah

    delivery arrived

    well i bought a pair of lockable of plastic pants and thay have arrived, yay^^ er what do you do for them to be washed, there is no guidelins and i dont want them to become missformed? anyone know