plastic vinyl pants

  1. OriginalT

    Whats with plastic pants and mittens?

    Personally I don't under stand the appeal of mittens or plastic pants. (mittens aren't even good for actual babies) maybe its because I didnt' grow up with any of the above. Could someone explain the appeal of these things in their own words? How were you introduced to these?
  2. N

    now I'm taking my plastic pants off in my sleep, how do I keep them on when asleep?

    I've been doing good for almost 6 years, I found a good diaper layering system and it does a great job, but in the last 4 months I find I wake up with my plastic pants sitting on the bathroom counter. I don't wake up when I'm taking them off or when walking to the bathroom, how am I suppose to...
  3. D

    Hi daddy here.

    Hi my name is Simon and I like being a daddy to sissys and babies :) The nick gives it away a little bit. I live in the UK and despite my always reading that sissys and babies can never find a daddy I have the opposite problem. There are never any babies where I am in the UK. They always...
  4. J

    I was put into diapers! Where else would I come?

    There are obviously many sides to define but I'll stick with the adult baby for now and start when it started. I was six when dad left us and while my bed wetting began then I've never been sure that was the cause or simply coincidence. In either case that was when the diapers started. This...