plastic pants

  1. ElusiveDiaperX

    Whats the best plastic pants?

    I'm looking for some plastic pants to wear all day. Something quiet but verry protective. What do you wear? Whats yoyr suggestion
  2. Iraina

    Brain dump

    Hello gentlepeople, I thought I’d write down a couple of things that I figured out over time trying to manage the flooding waterworks. Most is related to plastic pants and cloth diapers. I’ve always been fully urinary incontinent because of a congenital issue, and have never found anything...
  3. G

    hello, formerly my username was diaperuser71, I live in the Canary Islands, Spain

    Hello to everybody. I use adult diapers since I was 14 years old, and did it secretly, but no way how good I hided my diapers and plastic pants, my mom found it several times, and it was a taboo thema, I didn't wanted to speak about it with my parents, and they didn't liked the subject too. But...
  4. BabyDL44

    What company makes quality double terry lined plastic pants?

    I'm considering buying a pair of double terry lined plastic pants. What company makes a quality pair?
  5. inconsurferdude

    High-rise/waist plastic pants

    I'm looking for recommendations to buy higher-waisted plastic pants. I've tried GaryWear in the past for overnight when I used to wear Abena, but usually wear higher-waisted six-tape Attends and want something I can buy multiple pairs of for daily wear. I still have a few pairs of the GaryWear...
  6. aigteo

    In love with plastic pants

    This week I received my first two pair of plastic pants, wow the feeling is amazing. Now I understand why so many people loves them. After wearing a whole day I decided to buy some more. Also, starting from the third night of wearing i wet in my sleep (i’m not a regular wetter, it happens to me...
  7. xtrabulk

    Plastic/Rubber Pants Question

    Hi Everyone, It's been a long time since I posted. It's good to be back! I have a question about "plastic" pants: I always read about how you're supposed to "tuck" your plastic pants in. I have no clue what this means, as I'm a bit slow. I have several pair, and wear them often, but does this...
  8. S

    I'm a shy diapered college boy.

    Hi everybody! I'm a blond/blue, gay, diapered college boy and new on here.
  9. G

    Anyone ordered from B4ns lately?

    Anyone ordered from B4ns lately? I’ve seen rumors online from the last year or 2 that they may be out of business. Anyone have any info?
  10. SimCo

    Romper that ships in the US

    I am looking for a good diaper cover/plastic pants/romper to buy and I need suggestions. I really like the look of the attached romper but I have had trouble getting Adult Baby Shop to ship to the US. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could get something similar? I am looking for...
  11. Justo

    Being a secret DL

    I enjoy being a DL but being secretive can be annoying. Buying nappies online and getting them shipped to a parcel locker, drive there and pick them up and wait till there is no one home and bring them inside. Trying to take out used nappies to the bin. Washing plastic pants in shower and...
  12. OriginalT

    Whats with plastic pants and mittens?

    Personally I don't under stand the appeal of mittens or plastic pants. (mittens aren't even good for actual babies) maybe its because I didnt' grow up with any of the above. Could someone explain the appeal of these things in their own words? How were you introduced to these?
  13. Justo

    Repair plastic pants

    I have some high waist plastic pants that have a slight rip (~2cm long) just below the top elastic seam. I have fixed it with gaff but that means it doesn't sit tightly around the waist and make a proper seal. How can I fix them while still being air/liquid tight?
  14. N

    now I'm taking my plastic pants off in my sleep, how do I keep them on when asleep?

    I've been doing good for almost 6 years, I found a good diaper layering system and it does a great job, but in the last 4 months I find I wake up with my plastic pants sitting on the bathroom counter. I don't wake up when I'm taking them off or when walking to the bathroom, how am I suppose to...
  15. miapeters

    Plastic pants alternative

    Sorry guys I still don't know how to delete duplicate posts
  16. G

    My life, my love, my ABDL.

    I am 60 plus years old and have been living with my ABDL thoughts and fetishes since my adolescence. It is a difficult concept to accept for myself, but I am learning. This site has been a great to me in accepting who I am. Most of my life I have been very secretive about this habit...
  17. jguy

    The awesome crackling crinkling sound of plastic pants

    Personally, I LOVE my noisy, crinkling, crackling Gary Euroflex plastic pants and bloomers. Having slight exhibitionist tendencies I especially find it awesome to wear them in public when I go out in diapers – whether in the local stores, supermarkets, malls, restaurants etc. I realize this...
  18. plasticsounds

    How old are you?

    This is an important subject for me. Every time I get active on this site, I am always curious about how old the people on the threads are that I am reading. Since I am home alone and have had a few beers. I am feeling curious. It is important because I think all of our experiences and exposure...
  19. Justo

    New arrival

    Got delivery of 2x Betterdry M10 samples Rearz Inspire+ InControl Euroflex PUL high waist pants Wearing the Betterdry now with PUL pants. Both feel good but PUL pants are very noisy but thin. Review coming soon. This is my stash now...
  20. M

    How long you've been in a wet diaper?

    I' am incontinent, and as I will not leave the house this weekend, I put a diaper today, Friday, and only intend to change on Sunday. I think with a plastic pants I'll get. How long you have stayed in a wet diaper?