plastic pants

  1. toddler

    What is it like wearing a Cloth nappies

    Cloth nappies are comfortable, give me Self-confidence, Keep my bottom warm in winter and Don’t have to worry about finding a toilet to urinate. I have some control over my bladder but not a lot so it helps know I have an accident with my plastic pants onI have some control over my bladder but...
  2. Casual Nappy

    Casual Nappy

    I find wearing only a nappy with plastic pants more comfortable around the home because Additional clothing over a nappy makes it feel tight and restrictive . A terry cotton nappy with plastic pants feels very airy and cool for me worn this way. .
  3. TrickCyclist

    First attempt at sewing

    My first attempt at sewing some waterproof pants.
  4. inconsurferdude

    Nullo instead of plastic pants

    I've never used Nullo before but I'm wondering how effective it is. Long story short I'm in diapers for urinary incontinence but have been having very small bowel accidents more and more often. It used to be only a few times a month right after waking up but my work schedule has changedto where...
  5. inconsurferdude

    Patterned/colored plastic pants and onesies that aren't embarrassing?

    Basically what the title says. I have dozens of milky white plastic pants and black/white onesies, but I'm sweating so much this summer that I'm sometimes changing everything several times a day and not just my diaper. It's getting hard to tell which black onesie hanging on the towel rack or the...
  6. Jammy

    how do i wash plastic pants

    i have some plastic pants and i was wondering if anyone had any ponters ?
  7. Another Day Of Dribbles

    Another Day Of Dribbles

    Standing there vulnerably in the bathroom I lament at the tackle I will yet again dress myself in to handle another day of PMD and decide the scene has photo artistic potential somehow. A fleecy white cotton nappy … the cool sticky plastic pants
  8. Real plants and plastic pants

    Real plants and plastic pants

    Myself sitting in our greenhouse.
  9. My (Would Be) washing line

    My (Would Be) washing line

    In the days before disposable nappies they were washed and hung out to dry in the fresh air. This is a mock up of how I woukd use my washing line if I dared to.
  10. My (would be) washing line

    My (would be) washing line

    I remember in the days before disposables when nappies were mostly terry cotton and after washing would be hung out to dry in the fresh air. This is a photo mock-up of how my washing line would look given the chance.
  11. My usual wear

    My usual wear

    This is the combination I usually wear . Terry cotton Nappy Briefs from Cuddlz Natural semi transparent plastic pants from Pvc-u-like and a terry cotton thick booster although I recently started using terry infant nappies folded as a booster . They dry faster after wash and absorbent enough.
  12. P

    I Wonder If------

    Many of us on this and other ABDL sites originally became interested in diapers and/or plastic pants at a very young age. Some by seeing them hanging on clothes lines, bathrooms, bedrooms, or others staying overnight that had to wear them for bedwetting. So, what if at this age we had people...
  13. P

    Plastic Pants vs Rubber Pants

    For years I have worn plastic pants over my pull-ups in daytime and disposable diapers at night to prevent leaks and embarrassment. For the most part that has been very successful, especially with the higher quality products. However, from time to time they have not held the diaper as snuggly as...
  14. Dapboy

    Hello has anyone tried rearz wrap diapers cover and how dose it hold up to normal plastic pants

    hello I have been looking at rearz products recently and have fallen in love with the lil monster print. I am considering trying the diaper wrap since I started to wear more and wish to be a little more safe. I couldn’t find many pictures of people wearing them or anyone telling me how they...
  15. sissyBritney

    Wetting Myself Without Realizing It?

    I have been wearing diapers and plastic pants now for about 6 weeks, so I'm not experienced as most of you. I have found I luv wearing them but have noticed that lately I seem to wet them more and more without even thinking about it. I wear them pretty much 24/7 now and it seems like no matter...
  16. A

    Everyone Should Get Plastic Pants

    Whether it’s plastic or cloth backed diapers, wearing plastic pants over them is definitely beneficial. I personally wear disposables and have read many times before where people will say “do not wear plastic pants with disposables, only cloth” because they somehow “don’t help” with...
  17. inconsurferdude

    How practical are cloth diapers for daytime use?

    I'm going to search through the forums after posting this, but I thought I'd start a new thread with my specific questions. Basically I'm thinking about switching to cloth diapers for daytime use, I'm just not sure if that would be practical or not. I currently wear plastic-backed disposables...
  18. DLinSecret

    Diaper Covers, The Best and The Worst

    My go to diaper cover I get off of Amazon is Haian Plastic Pull Ons transparent blue, white, or clear. We are in the process of moving and I packed up all my pants with the exception of two blue ones which I use primarily at night. Well living in an Airbnb for two months while we wait for our...
  19. ElusiveDiaperX

    Whats the best plastic pants?

    I'm looking for some plastic pants to wear all day. Something quiet but verry protective. What do you wear? Whats yoyr suggestion
  20. Maia

    Brain dump

    Hello gentlepeople, I thought I’d write down a couple of things that I figured out over time trying to manage the flooding waterworks. Most is related to plastic pants and cloth diapers. I’ve always been fully urinary incontinent because of a congenital issue, and have never found anything...