plastic backing

  1. dpcare

    Pull-Ups Youth vs Adult

    I am not ab/dl I am familiar with the ab/dl community I don't understand but I don't judge either if that's your thing great it's not mine I am diapered 24/7 as I am fully incontinent I do believe the ab/dl community has made a contribution in improving adult diapers and created some better...
  2. MrCrinklez

    KODA cubs Diapers from Tykables

    I got my first 1/2 Case of Koda cups diapers comming next week, can't wait to try them Koda Cubs diapers
  3. jellyjigger

    Tranquility plastic-backed lineup changes (Select going away)

    I'm on the Tranquility mailing list, so I figured I'd make post for those who aren't, that their product lineup changed on Thursday (yesterday) effective immediately. For those unaware, Tranquility manufactures 3 variations of all-white medical plastic-backed diapers as long as you get them in...
  4. P

    Looking for certain plastic backing

    Which adult diaper brands plastic backing resembles the plastic on vintage pampers. I have found that the Fabine Exlusive Teddy had the right plastic, are there any others that resemble that? Thanks