plastic backed

  1. realgood90

    Cloth Backing Allergy?

    I'm a big fan of Plastic backed diapers, but i've tried cloth-backed ones and found that they not only sag way worse than platic but also will provoke a rash where between the legs where the backing come sin contact with my skin, anyone else experiencing the same ?
  2. M

    Diapers that feels most like Pampers etc.

    Im still fairly inexperienced in buying diapers, only got local ones from supermarkets. Are there any diapers out there that really bring you back to childhood? That lovely crunchy feeling as you waddle about the place and preferably plastic backed. Sorry if this has been posted before, tried...
  3. W

    is any of the following plastic backed?

    Which of the following diapers is plastic backed/ plastic (polly) all the way around and not just the landing zone kinda like the m4's or confi drys are -Super dry kids -cushies -little pawz -bambino teddy -bambino Bellissimo -bambino classico -rearz or is the new abu preschool plastic edition...
  4. jellyjigger

    Depend rant and plastic-backed diapers as of mid-2016

    The loss of the adult diaper staple-brand Depend going the way of cloth-like more than hits a nerve for me, although I can't say I wasn't surprised as the writing has been on the wall for a while. Anybody that wears something in their "private area", offering some type of protection every day...
  5. Nick24798

    Plastic or cotton feel?

    Am I the only one who prefers the feel of cloth backed nappies as opposed to plastic backed? I just don't like them that much, to me it feels like sitting in a carrier - bag from the supermarket.
  6. B

    Share your diaper dreams!

    I just recently today saw a post about the occurrence of diaper dreams. Ever since I was 10 or so, I've always had weird ones. My most memorable one occurred around that age. I dreamt of having one of my new friends over for a sleepover. I was wearing a plastic diaper for bedwetting, and he...
  7. L

    Diapers that don't leak and bed protection

    What are good diapers that will not leek out the back side cloth or plastic backed one. Looking for some that absorb fast and hold. Also what to do about protecting my bead from seels and messes.
  8. U

    Attends Waistband Mediums...My new favorite Diaper

    I bought attends waistband diapers this weekend and was able to use them today. I was actually surprised in how absorbent they were and how it was able to contain my mess that I put into it. The stretch waistband worked great, and the three sticky tapes on both sides really held the diaper in...
  9. Paxe

    Plastic backed disposables... availability in the UK in Feb 2013?

    What's still out there? It's a couple of years since I had the time to buy and enjoy nappies regularly. I had built up quite a big stock which I have been slowly using up on special occasions, long journeys etc. Now I am looking forward to a little more playtime it's worth getting some supplies...
  10. Piplup

    It feels so familiar...

    So a few days ago I got my first order of Bambino Teddys. This was also my first order of adult diapers, and therefore the first time I've ever gotten plastic backed ones. Anyway, upon opening one of the bags and pulling out the first diaper, I felt the plastic backing, and instantly felt...
  11. N

    How come all the diapers are going non-woven?

    Just some years ago, most premium diapers was plastic backed. But somehow something changed, and many of the manufacturers has started to use non-woven materials instead of plastic. I know that there's an environmental reason for this, but I still don't get how and why they're starting with the...
  12. Argent

    Bentley Plastic Backed Baby Diapers

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has seen/bought/tried (if small enough) the Bentley XXL diapers? Saw them on ebay from a couple of sellers.. as an example: BENTLEY DISPOSABLE BABY DIAPERS NEW! WHOLESALE CASE | eBay So these are made in the US, I really should look into doing the same here (if I...