1. E

    Building A Nursery

    So there have been some old threads I looked through to get some ideas on what a nursery should look like, or the things people want in theirs. I want to ask for help on the actual building of it. Should I look up and order an adult sized changing table, or build it from scratch? And what...
  2. Shyanne

    Crib plans/designs?

    Does anyone have any like blueprints/designs/plans on how to build a adult sized crib/bed? Or if not, maybe post pics of your cribs if you have any..
  3. S

    4th of July Weekend

    What's everyone doing over the 4th of July Weekend? Personally: Going to a concert tonight, helping a friend move and seeing family tomorrow (maybe partying a little Saturday night, parents gone :biggrin: ) and then going to family friend's house for the 4th. How about you?