1. B


    Hi there I am looking for a cotton (non fleece) pyjama set or top in the UK. I really would like it have elasticated cuffs on the top and bottom (I have bottoms already £3.50 from Tesco :smile:) So far I have seen that both cuddlz and cosy n dry do some. These are a bit pricey though, I have...
  2. kashi

    Batman Footie Pajama's

    So I have wanted to find Batman Footie Pj's for awhile now. When I was young I had a set and I loved them. I found a picture of ones for toddlers which I'll attach as reference. Any help would be lovely. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41aJMITZd8L.jpg
  3. dprpantsnpypants

    Fun things to do with Target footed jammies

    Well, the Target footed jammies have always been a little too tight on me - nonetheless, I have purchased several pairs anyway. A while back, when it was getting warmer, I decided to cut the legs and arms off to make a pair of 'Summer onesie jammies'. Well, I was really pleased with the...
  4. D

    Footed pjs back at target

    I stopped by target in Allentown, Pa and noticed they had footed pjs in men, womens, boys, and girls. I don't know sizes on any of them, designs on men's, women's, and boys seem the same as last year, girls are from monster high. I mostly have bought mine from jumpin jammerz
  5. DaddysToxxicBabyGirl


    Who doesn't love Pjs? We all know about the basic sites that sell footie pajamas. However, I have yet to see this site mentioned. Hoodie-Footie (TM), The Official Hoodie-Footie, Hoodie Footie Pajamas for Adults | PajamaGram They're just as expensive as everywhere else. But a vanilla friend...
  6. Blacksmith

    one piece PJs, I sewed my own :)

    I am pumped, I just finished sewing my own one piece pjs. I used the kwik sew pattern. and this morning I was in chat and someone ( I'm not sure who though ) asked to see a picture and swatch, so here they are, enjoy.:):thumbsup...