1. Argent

    DC Amor 2018

    Hi peoples, has anyone got any more info on the 2018 version of the DC Amor? I am actually yet to try any of their products (mainly due to cost but also whenever I have thought of biting the bullet and ordering they seem to be out of stock in anything that might make it slightly more economical...
  2. Sitherus

    i found the perfect diaper for me

    I was looking at diapers on ebay and found a dependeco diaper i fell in love with. Its Pink ans super cute. Its mlp and i dont watch that show or know what its about other than like a power puff girls with horses. I went on their site and found it...
  3. Sitherus

    Costumes for the not so ab/dl

    I was searching online recently for a set of new clothes for my roleplay environment and came across this Adult Baby Girl Costume - Candy Apple Costumes - Adult Baby Costumes I love this because its not made for us and our shenanigans or the stuff we do here, but made for the average person...
  4. Sitherus

    I want it but they do not include sizing charts!

    Okay, so I found this epic dress Apple Bottoms Pink Ruffle Rhinestone Summer Rope Petite Strap Sexy Dress | eBay but, they do not include a sizing chart. To make things worse they are only using word sizes ie medium small ... Also I am a 6 foot 5 male and don't know what to do as women tipically...
  5. SuperSecretFoxy

    Cute stuff in the filth

    Hey guys, fox here. I was cleaning my room today, and as always I checked the filth for some usefull stuff. So after digging through it I found some cute stuff! Mostly I find broken computer parts or a part of a disc case or whatever, but this time I found hair pins. And not just ANY hairpins...