1. chevre

    Pinhole leaks in Unique Wellness Diapers / Other diaper defects, anomalies

    So, a month or two back Unique Wellness put out a pretty decent sale (as they do from time to time) and my stash was running a bit low so I ordered a case. I hadn't ordered them in about a year, so I wasn't super surprised to find out the design had changed a bit. For instance, the outer cover...
  2. chameleon

    The pinhole issue, a issue with every diaper? What are your thoughts?

    I have had a bit of bad luck it seems with diapers, first I went through three cases of Abena Extra, every case had the same problem "pinholes", so I decided to switch to another brand, Unique Wellness, experiencing the same thing, so at the moment sticking with the brand that has never let me...