1. Pieluchy

    Close up diapers pictures!

    Probably a lot of you like seeing close up pictures of diapers. So if you want or you are just bored take some pictures and post it here. Just for fun!
  2. tobdy1986

    Cloth Training Pant Designs?

    What kind of designs would you like to see on cloth training pants? I'm not asking for trademarked characters or anything like that. I'm thinking more in terms of generic designs like those seen on Honest company products and such.
  3. Sitherus

    bringing back the oldies (ellienoodlesoup)

    missing the best abdl artist i have ever come to know, sorry to anyone else that draws including me. I know i will never be as good as her. I wish to eventually find out what happened to her. I hope it wasn't death then removal of the arts by misunderstanding people. Anyways, shortly after...
  4. A

    Snuggies Overnights: Finally Got em!

    I also uploaded more in Imgur : Link Here here they are the! Copy of my comment on Reddit: Just F.Y.I : I got them just now, picked up locally, OMG. This is my opinion but I have to share it, they are very comfy and has snug fit, Just as the Snuggies name implies lol... The colors are much...
  5. D

    pictures of the new Cuddlz all-over print?

    Hi! I was thinking about purchasing the new all-over printed cuddlz. I hear they have now 2 tapes on each side instead of 1, so can anyone hear post to this thread some pictures of those who have them, including the tapes? Thanks!
  6. D

    Messy Nappies

    I know this may seem like a bit of an odd question, but does anyone know where i can get pictures of messy nappies from (the messier the better, have tried google images already) Thanks
  7. slannen20

    I Love Diaper Pics!

    As the title suggests, i love diaper pics, my question is would you prefer a few diaper pics, a diaper vid or a story?
  8. BabyDemon

    Baby picture ideas

    So my girlfriend and I were at a restaurant the other day and the owners are proud Italian grandparents and prominently displayed to large photos of their grandsons as babies in the foyer of the building. Both were posed shot of them doing different things. One both caught our eye was the baby...
  9. KandiKit

    Avatars !

    I was just thinking about the avatars we all use here on this forum and others. (for the sake of this thread i'd like to keep it to the avatar you use here on ADISC) In short our avatars are a visual display of what we would have others see whenever they read our posts, or view our profiles and...
  10. sparkywuff

    this excited me

    look at this picture i discovered that's right, i'm number three!!
  11. betagame

    Funny Pictures|Pics Thread

    I would like to know if there were any funny pictures you would post here Please post links if you are not 16, yet. The rules: No Porn or any of the sort. No put downs please. just not too much violence plz. were not kiddies (in our minds we are; some of us) The innapropriate level 1-10 about a...