1. L

    New idea folks, C.O.M thread

    Hello everyone, this is an idea that I came up with a few days ago. I realize that this could either take off like a rocket, or sink like a stone; so consider this a "beta" with ample room for improvement. Without further ado, let's take a look at my idea! C.O.M Thread (Check out my_________)...
  2. Sitherus

    bringing back the oldies (ellienoodlesoup)

    missing the best abdl artist i have ever come to know, sorry to anyone else that draws including me. I know i will never be as good as her. I wish to eventually find out what happened to her. I hope it wasn't death then removal of the arts by misunderstanding people. Anyways, shortly after...
  3. Sitherus

    Drawing request for profile picture

    I was thinking recently that My profile picture is kind of bland. Now I don't consider my self an expert but i like to draw. Im gonna draw my profile picture but why stop there. If anyone else wants to have their picture drawn by me just let me know ill see what i can do. I will do it for free...
  4. SallS

    Southern Comfort Confrence

    I attended Southern Comfort last week, this is tha largest transgender convention in the world with I heard more than 800 attending. Presentations are for the most part serious i.e. family law problems of divorce etc. and one study of peer reviewed journals concerning etiology (why we are trans)...
  5. S

    CAUGHT and cornered

    well so i was hanging out at my friends house like i usually do showing a couple of my friends pictures of my california vacation when *ahem* a certian picture turned up that i swear had been deleted! DX trapped i told them alot about my DL side just so they wouldnt get the wrong idea that im...
  6. D

    Art Request

    Recently, i was think of starting a new web page. I have some experience, so I thought i'd try it out and see how it looked. However, when i started to gather the materials for it, i realized i didn't have a picture for the banner. I personally am a horrible artist, and since i doubt most...
  7. Beta

    Unique Avatars

    I've noticed that there are a lot of people that have really unique/interesting avatar pictures. So I was wondering, is anyone willing to share why they chose the avatar they did? Where did the idea come from? How does it represent you? I'll go first. My avatar is part of a larger piece I did...
  8. chipbutty

    Why does the picture of Abena Abriforms look nothing like them?

    The attached example picture is used on most websites that sell Abena Abriforms. It makes them look bluish, with white in the inside. The tabs appear white. The wetness indicator looks like gray asterisks. In reality, as we all know, abriforms are white with white and blue tabs. The...
  9. S


    okay okay how many things do i have to post before my pictures unlock >.> its really annoying