1. TheComposer

    Greetings Everyone! :-)

    Hi everyone! I am 'TheComposer' (you can call me Composer for short ;)), and I'd like to say, there's quite a few things about my ABDL story that I hope will be worth reading... I've been into ABDL as early as I can remember... my Mother actually ran a daycare center which she opened just TWO...
  2. NatetheDragon

    Who here plays a musical instrument?

    I play the trumpet and the piano, with a little guitar on the side, which I'm still learning.
  3. MatalicPebble

    Piano guys and Rockelbel's Canon

    Does anyone wonder if the piano player really enjoys dressing up as a women? I have nothing against cross dressing sense I am still thinking it over to do this myself. I just think its funny how he reacted when his wig fell off. I like to think I have a good sense of humor. Even Christian jokes...
  4. L


  5. Shelly

    Hi ^^

    Allo everyone :D I've been a carer for three and a half years now, and was introduced to this site by my tb boyfriend :) I live in NJ and am currently stuck in the Blizzard of 2010 D: . I play the guitar and the piano, & I'm on WoW on a weekly basis <3mages<3