1. PambyPanda

    Photography 101

    I figured I would start a thread to help others who are either into Photography or who are looking to get into photography. I studied 5 years of photography in college and 4 years before that in highschool. I started in the darkroom and moved to digital. I would like this thread to be civil...
  2. P


    This is Prof_Unrat, and I want to intruduce myself. I'm now 60 years young and come from a central European country, though I haven't been there for ovrt 30 years now. I am an artistic and creative type, and like photography and making videos, I also do some drawing and audio work. So, what am I...
  3. B

    Crinkles and Cameras

    Ok - so whilst this sounds like the name for a really obscure camera review magazine - I thought Id take a moment to try and connect to the other photographers/happy snappers and anyone else who just enjoys using a camera of any type out there. On my part I am a final year fine art photography...
  4. L


  5. L

    Aussie girl!

    Hey, I'm Lucy! Just an Australian girl who loves wearing her nappies (well diapers for most of you guys!) :smile1: I love Photography, Singing and love Music! I love all kinds of music, but I especially love Jazz and (bit of a contradiction) Metal! Anyway, I really hope to make some friends...