1. KittyninjaW

    I have somewhat returned and I have a new phone too!

    Hello, it's me again. First off I have a reason for why I was off and on gone for a long time. The main reason was my grandmother was sick from chemo and other things and I couldn't stay in Mcdonald's for too long. But I do have good news! I got a new phone which has service so I can use...
  2. K

    Need help on iPhone 7 contacts transfer

    I have been a Blackberry users for the past a few years and now turned to iPhone. There are a lot of contacts on the BB and i have to move them to iPhone 7. What is the fastest way to do that?
  3. kashi

    Need tech savey suggestions

    Tl;Dr: Want a new phone with good memory (30GB+), powerful enough to play Pokemon Go and fallout shelter (Plus longevity), Good battery life, doesn't matter if it's android or apple don't care. Please no flame wars ^_^ Okay so my parents have offered me the freedom to request a gift of some...
  4. KittyninjaW

    ABDL Finder app

    You know I have been thinking about Abdl signals, and I was thinking what if there was a phone or tablet app, that would let us know when there is another Abdl in the area, and sent us a message or a thing using your normal ringtone as not to cause suspicion, and put it out for free on android...
  5. ibeadorkable

    ABDL Mommy Phone/Chat Line

    Hi, I am a female and am having a hard time finding an agency that will take "someone like me." Meaning that I am female (the lady replied when I asked what she meant). I was just looking for a mommy or nanny to talk to/put me to bed. Another place I called said they couldn't provide services to...