1. ronnieM

    Fisher-Price releases a working phone

    [ 2 similar threads have been merged into one ] ~KitsuneFox Okay, this is kinda cool actually. It's one of these toy phones, except for that it will connect to your phone via bluetooth so you can make actual calls on it. Here's a link for anyone interested. It's apparently only on bestbuy...
  2. KittyninjaW

    I have somewhat returned and I have a new phone too!

    Hello, it's me again. First off I have a reason for why I was off and on gone for a long time. The main reason was my grandmother was sick from chemo and other things and I couldn't stay in Mcdonald's for too long. But I do have good news! I got a new phone which has service so I can use...
  3. K

    Need help on iPhone 7 contacts transfer

    I have been a Blackberry users for the past a few years and now turned to iPhone. There are a lot of contacts on the BB and i have to move them to iPhone 7. What is the fastest way to do that?
  4. kashi

    Need tech savey suggestions

    Tl;Dr: Want a new phone with good memory (30GB+), powerful enough to play Pokemon Go and fallout shelter (Plus longevity), Good battery life, doesn't matter if it's android or apple don't care. Please no flame wars ^_^ Okay so my parents have offered me the freedom to request a gift of some...
  5. KittyninjaW

    ABDL Finder app

    You know I have been thinking about Abdl signals, and I was thinking what if there was a phone or tablet app, that would let us know when there is another Abdl in the area, and sent us a message or a thing using your normal ringtone as not to cause suspicion, and put it out for free on android...
  6. ibeadorkable

    ABDL Mommy Phone/Chat Line

    Hi, I am a female and am having a hard time finding an agency that will take "someone like me." Meaning that I am female (the lady replied when I asked what she meant). I was just looking for a mommy or nanny to talk to/put me to bed. Another place I called said they couldn't provide services to...