1. O

    Benny from Philadelphia, PA

    Hi everyone! My name is Benny. I'm an AB and a DL from Philadelphia, PA. I've got a lot of interests, but my life basically boils down to diapers, theater, and friends. I love to chat with new people, and I love to learn new things. On this website, I hope to talk to some new people who may...
  2. DLdragongeorge

    New Philly ABDL looking to meet new people!

    Hi guys! My name is George and I'm new to Philly! I'm from Jersey but I just moved to Philly recently! A little about myself: -I identify myself first as a diaper lover because It's definitely a turn on to wear, wet, mess, and see a girl in one :) -I am also a bit of an AB and I sometimes use...