1. N

    Drug Store Diapers

    Hi everybody, I've been lurking trying to find an answer to no prevail, what is the best diaper I can buy at a convenience mart? Are the day and night CVS brand okay? What about Walgreens? Money is no object here, I just want a package of halfway decent diapers until I can work out how to...
  2. xtrabulk

    I Just Reamed Out Rite Aid

    So today I asked for the manager of my local Rite Aid. He came, and asked me what my issue was. I told him that he was carrying crap incon supplies that were the best of the garbage. He thanked me, and I wrote down the names of some companies/diapers that actually function as a diaper. Anywho...
  3. Hyperlitegreen

    I go into small town pharmacies for an adventure

    Everytime I go on a road trip such as going from Dallas to Houston, I always pullout my iphone and key in "medical supply" or "pharmacy". In the middle of nowwhere, google maps always identifies a small town pharmacy or medical supply near the surrounding small towns. I actually take the time...
  4. KJanon

    Failed diaper scouting

    Hey, I went into my local town today, I wanted to see if I could find anywhere that sold adult diapers. It's a small town, though for some reason there are 4 pharmacies and a supermarket within about 100m or so of each other. (that's a co-op, boots, lloyds, and an independent pharmacy, in case...
  5. Fenrierlilfolf

    I leaft the recipt on the table

    Oh crap... I bought a pack of tena slips and a pair of shaving razors (which surprisingly aren't related between them) I came back from the pharmacy at around 6:15 pm well, a couple minutes ago, at 9:15 I went downstairs to see what I could have for dinner, and guess what?... the recipt, clearly...
  6. pistachio62

    Where to buy Diapers?

    Hey you all, I like in Lakewood, Colorado and own a car, just wondering if any of you knew a good place to buy diapers in or near Denver or if anyone knew of any small pharmacy's near me... Thanks a ton, would love to hear really from anyone with suggestions... I'm looking for higher quality...
  7. leicesterfan


    I am going to get some adult diapers today from Boots the pharmacy. I was wandering if anyone had been there before, where in the store are the adult diapers usually near and what they have to offer? Thanks