1. PolkaDotDreams

    Periods, Pads, & the TSA

    I just realized that my period week is going to fall right during a work trip. I take my sissy period VERY seriously, in fact I think its been well over 5 years since i've missed one. I use a period tracking app and always start when scheduled unless my wife gets hers early in which case I...
  2. LimeBloodedNoir

    A question for the girls!!! (tw blood)

    I am a biological girl, but I am not incontinence. What on earth do you guys do on your period??? Do you have on a pad or tampon underneath? How long does it take to clean up all that blood and stool??? Does it clog up sap with blood, making the diaper not work as well??? Id love to know more...
  3. R

    First Time Since I was Two!

    From what I've read on here, I'm probably more of a DL than an AB, since I have no use for all the "role play" of being a baby. In fact, my unfortunate life situation has me looking/sounding much YOUNGER than I wish I did, since being a pre-everything FtM means that my dream is to start...