1. R

    Aparently I'm a Lurker

    First email in my box today was, 'you have become a lurker'. Well I decided that I couldn't let that be, and shot strait over here to start a intro thread. Let me see....intro, intro... Well I recently graduated. I am a rather skinny stereotypical gamer guy without a social life. Recently moved...
  2. Slut

    Crazy silly people

    So yesterday, this kid suddenly shows up on a ride-on mower. He did not say anything. Nothing at all. Just mowed the lawn. But there's a twist, here. He didn't really even mow it. He just kinda dicked around and rode the thing in circles. It was like being at the circus. He went over the same...
  3. sparkywuff

    if you didn't like the person...

    if you didn't like a particular person on the forum, would you read their threads or try to shy away from them. if a big part of the forum was participating in said thread would you participate or still stay away because you don't like the person? imo, if i didn't like a person i would...
  4. betagame


    Poll: Straight Curly Wavy Please post whether you have a combination. Thanks.