people like us

  1. Premetheus

    I lost all of my fear guys.. I finally am going to do it

    I'm going to buy diapers from a store. Yes they aren't as good as online but I have a size 26-27 waist so even the kids size 6 fits me, so do swim diapers. I think I need to do it, as a right of passage, or rather, show I'm unafraid of who I am. Everyone knows I'm a furry, so diapers would be...
  2. TeddyBearCowboy

    People Like Us . . . A message on being AB/DL

    ]Have you ever come across a song or video that just seems to hit home to thoughts that you might be having? All of us who are AB/DL have gone through at least some struggles with their identity and "being different" than others. There are numerous threads on ADISC about this and it seems it...