1. S

    I pee a bit in my underwear when I wake up

    Hello ! I'm a 17 years old girl.. When I wake up everyday, I can't hold my pee and goes a little bit in the underwear. Also I am a DL Please comment what kind of diapers do I need 😉 (I don't like the ones that is very thick)
  2. michaelmc

    physical age 85 mental age16 official age 51 UK Nappy lover

    I medicly incontinent and loving it,is that weird?i am also exploring my feminim side???I have tried many different incontinence products and am using net pants and pads the net pants are expensive and cheap quality but I have found pants that at £2 a pair ( great and look good...
  3. L

    I Want To Have A Diaper Fetish!

    I am feeling desperate!! I've been searching online and haven't found much concerning the questions I have, so I decided to make an account on here and ask myself. My sweet husband is into diapers and peeing stuff. He's not into wearing them himself, he's more into having me wear them. I...
  4. MellowYellow

    I want to start peeing in my diaper while I sleep :D

    Would really be helpful if anyone had any information that I could use to achieve this. I'm afraid of hypno-files (like "Warpmymind") they claim to be curses (the majority) that the people who are then cursed have to pay for the removal of the curse, sounds like some serious shit, I don't want...
  5. L

    My story

    Hello, I'm new and just wanted to share my story about how this all started. I have been into wetting myself from a young age, and did it on purpose as much as I could. Then eventually I had to grow up but still enjoyed the occasional sneaky pants wetting. Then when I was around 8 I had gone to...
  6. D

    Wanting to use in my house?

    So, I have a very interesting situation here. I am 19 and have lived on my own since right after I turned 18. I was curious before that but pretty much started wearing off and on after that. It was fine before because I was always alone. I recently moved and over the past couple of months my...
  7. N

    That "Letting Go" Moment

    What goes through your head as you "let go" of yourself in a diaper? What do you think as you feel that warm rush of pee flow into your diaper while you wet yourself? What's on your mind as you push out a mess? How do you feel when you finally strap yourself (or are strapped into) a soft, comfy...
  8. M

    When wetting, why shouldn't you let it all out at once?

    On here, I've seen a lot of people claiming that wetting in short spurts helps better soak up their pee and prevent leaking. Why is this, and is there a difference?
  9. Piplup

    Finally did it!

    So I had been planning on wearing diapers to class for a while now and built up the courage to do so last Thursday. I wore pampers size 7 to protect from the "little accidents" that sometimes come with my sneezing fits. (shakes fist) Curse you pollen!!! Anyway, it was great! No one noticed and...