1. D

    Looking for short stories filled with love and...

    Hi there...are there any stories about a protective/loving daddy figure/boyfriend/husband (be it human or furry) taking care of a little or furry little? I'd love to read something like that. Something really comforting with lots of toys and love involved.
  2. NoTimPlus

    A little About Me

    Hi my name is Tim and I am a DL. I love to sleep in Diapers and I am hoping to uncontrollably wet the bed soon. Sometimes I will smoke and put on a diaper and just relax and remember the carefree days of my life. I'm from the SouthEast part of Iowa. Peace
  3. xtrabulk

    omg, I just found peace

    ...and it is a onsie. I got it from XP and never saw this coming. I'm a DL, and...well...I just put on this onsie and peace was brought to my world. Is it because I won't have to worry about my diaper showing? Is this a form of regression? Honestly, I am unable to worry with this onsie on. Is...