pc gaming

  1. KryanAshford

    Hardware advice

    With my rebate I plan to start building my own gaming pc. I've found a monitor(22 in), a hard drive(WD Red 3 TB), a proccessor (i5), a graphic card (8800 gts) I'm still looking for a few more piece. If any one has any advice or past experience I would love to hear it. My usual field is software...
  2. R

    Looking for a saints row 4 diaper mod

    does anyone know where to find, or can they create a diaper mod? p.s. ive never made a thread before is this ok, if not i can take it down immediatly
  3. JoeMiller

    What are your top 5 favourite video games

    Just curious to know what you lovely bunch see as your favourite games I'll start with myself obviously :) (series can count as one if you like) 1. Knights of the old republic 2. Mass Effect 3. Fallout 3 4. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 5. Battlefield Bad Bad Company 2