paw patrol

  1. A

    Pampers “Grandinhos” - Pampers’ new paw patrol diaper design

    I’m from Brazil and, last week, going to the pharmacy to buy some stuff, I stumbled upon the cutest diaper design I’ve ever seen. Aparently it is a brand-new product that, as far as I know, is only available here. Abdl isn’t a big thing in Brazil, so there aren’t many contents about it, just the...
  2. Christopolis

    Paw patrol Pull ups in Canada

    apparently Walmart now finally has the paw patrol designs on their parents choice training pants in Canada. for the longest time they didn't not sure if they just got the paw patrol ones here or if I'm just noticing them now but i know it had to be somewhat recently.
  3. BenTennyson

    Literally everyone needs Paw Patrol shoes in adult sizes, no?!

    I just signed and donated this petition. They just HAVE to make those!
  4. Zoran

    Paw patrol Training pants!! (u.k. only it seems)

    So I was on twitter just talking about how paw patrol diapers should be real when another user told me they are and Showed me this link. I'm extremely bummed they are in the U.K. but i know they will...
  5. Zoran

    Paw patrol things you'd love to see for real.

    watching the show I'm finding things both in it and things not in it that I would love to see! I'll start Pup Pup Bogie( the only way I'd play a DDR type game) pet stuff( leashes and dog dishes like what you see in the show and maybe costumes) Summer stuff( kites,and pool floats of them and...