1. T

    aidankid's patterns?

    It seems like he took all his stuff down... Anyone know how I could contact him/other ways to get his patterns? Failing that, where could I find other good onesie and/or romper patterns? Or instructions for how to scale up baby and kid-sized patterns? (Actually, if anyone has that, it'd be great...
  2. xtrabulk

    Aidenkid's Onesie Pattern

    Hi! I bought the Onesie pattern on etsy. My intent (because everyone wants one, and no one has one, and I'm kinda a dick) was to totally disseminate it. However, the guy was so cool, I just can't screw him over. It was only 15 bucks, is 66 pages long, and my lovely wife says its top-notch. I...
  3. Fenrierlilfolf

    Baby pattern wallpapers!

    So, I'm searching around for images of cute and childish patterns, to make baby bedroom themed wallpapers :D but I haven't had any luck finding cool ones :/ would some of you be kind and share some with me, if you have any? :3 thanks in advance, if this works out I'll post the wallpapers back...