1. S

    Poll on Acceptance

    I think this has already been done, but I couldn't find it so... yeah.
  2. P


    Hi Guys, I am Jack, and I would like to introduce myself and give you my "story"... I am 30 and have been into the diaper/ABDL scene since I can remember. For me it is more of a sexual fetish than anything else. Over the years I have progressed from having the desire of being a "little" to...
  3. L

    I Want To Have A Diaper Fetish!

    I am feeling desperate!! I've been searching online and haven't found much concerning the questions I have, so I decided to make an account on here and ask myself. My sweet husband is into diapers and peeing stuff. He's not into wearing them himself, he's more into having me wear them. I...
  4. S

    Accepting your kink and sharing with romantic partners

    I, like many who were dealt this peculiar hand of cards, had extended periods of struggling with my desires in the past. More recently I have gained some experience and insight that I think can help guide others when presenting their kink to a romantic partner. I believe that trying to find an...
  5. P

    I am dating an incontinent woman ask me anything.

    Like the title says, We've been dating for a few months and I've known about her incontinence for over a year now (since before we were dating) She's only a bedwetter (incontinent during naps and sleep) no daytime leaks. I'm open for questions if anyone is interested on how we deal with it...
  6. Littleleogirl

    Boyfriend diapered me for the first time !!

    So yesterday we were having a bit of a lazy saturday. I was still wearing my pull-up diapers from the night before. One thing led to another and my boyfriend started to initiate sex. It was great. Afterwards, I was laying on the bed naked and he looks at me and goes "Stay right there, don't...
  7. xtrabulk

    Idle hands....suck!

    Hi there, So I'll start by saying this thread might need to be moved, but since the restructuring, zero folks read the mature forum, because we're all mature, and I'd like some feedback. So, if this needs moved, please move it. Anywho, So the wife left to visit back home (she's back now) and I...
  8. G

    Do you believe it can be too late to tell a partner?

    Hi guys, I've been mulling this over for a while and just wanted to get others ideas on the subject. I'll give a little back story in case it's needed: My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly four years now, we've been together since we were 15 and still in a strong, loving...
  9. P

    What to say when I tell my partner?

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma about what the best way to tell my boyfriend is. I've seen lots of posts about people deciding whether or not they should tell someone, or what happened afterwards, but not a lot of information on what to actually say. I'm struggling on how to broach the subject...
  10. N

    Attractions to do with ABDL (or "the perfect partner")

    I didn't really know what to call this topic, either "Your perfect partner" or "Strange attraction to do with ABDL"? As usual I overthink too much, and I always try to find causes and relationships between things, for instance between things that happened when I was young, and me being ABDL...