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    Finding Diapers in Paris.

    Hello, I have recently moved to Paris and I am finally living by myself and I am able to buy and wear diapers now. However ordering them is not an option seeing as I have to go to my work place to pick them up and I am NOT risking that. Before the holidays I was able to buy Tena Slip Maxis and...
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    buy diaper in Paris, France

    I'll go to Paris and spend 4 days this August. do anyone know where I can buy adult diapers? and any plastic backed and thick diapers? Because I've found the Google map, there are only Carrefour CITY and EXPRESS or some small pharmacy which near I live ,between the tube Pere Lachaise and...
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    Wine served in baby bottles.

    Hi guys and gals not sure if anyone knew this but you might be interested to know that there is a bar in Paris called Le Refuge des Fondus that serves wine in baby bottles. Check it out pretty cool.
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    Hello all

    Hello!! i'm delacruz I'm a newbie here I'm a cool french guy and still a student I'm here because when i was younger i have some bedwettings problems and i kind of developed an interest in diaper. In my spare time i like hanging out with friends, going at the movie theatre, or to an...