1. thefurealfriends2

    Is is that common for guys to poop and pee them selves.

    ok, the reason i ask! sense i was a kid i have often wondered if I was the only guy who liked of did not mind when a little extra came out, or if you cant find the loo (stuck in a fortnite round) just had an energy drink and bam your peeing your self or taking a crap. any way, my roommate...
  2. Angellothefox

    I remeber someone from school

    I remeber someone from school that use to wet himself. Not by accsedent but on purpose. The teachers use to tell him off. Now that I think about it I wonder weather he wet himself because he enjoyed the feeling of it or just because he liked been told off? He even did it on one of the trips on...
  3. xtrabulk

    My Plastic Pants Stink!

    Hi All, Say, my Gary vinyl pants stink a bit. I always wash them after wearing with Castille soap, but they have a lingering odor of urine. Any fixes for this?
  4. S

    My First Experience - TENA Pants Super M

    It's been a long time, but I'm back, and I'm pleased to say that I've finally had my first experience with "real” nappies! Firstly, a bit about myself. I’m a university student in Australia, I live with my parents, and I've been using very "makeshift" nappies for close to 4 years now. They...
  5. D

    Well Beginnings Sleep Pants

    So I was looking on the Walgreens website and found their version of Goodnites and they are much cheaper. I was wondering if there were any differences between the different packages and/or if anyone has tried these recently cause they claim to be "new and improved" while reviews since don't...
  6. cheekymonkeys88

    Tena for Men Level 4 Protective Underwear in the UK

    Okay guys, just wondering if anyone's tried the Tena for Men Level 4 that are available at Boots or CHemistDirect? I believe they've been available in Europe and maybe the US for a while but this is the first time I've seen them here. Check out the links: TENA Men Protective Underwear Level 4 -...
  7. RoamingHermit

    Horray for AMAZON!

    Hehehe I am sooo giggly right now :giggles: I just bought; Baby Pants Adult Pacifier - Baby Blue, 2 of: Baby Pants Adult Onezie - Extra Large Blue Dinosaur, Baby Pants White Pull on Plastic Pants - Large, and a Baby Pants Adult Nipple for Baby Bottle! It was my first time ordering anything...
  8. R

    How do I make my girlfriend accidently wet her pants?

    Disclaimer: My girlfriend is willing and accepting of doing this. I'm not trying to secretly make her do this, she's well aware of what's happening. The problem is more that her bladder is huge, and she's able to hold it for over 16+ hours. Sure she is able to purposefully pee, after holding it...
  9. L

    wearing just diaper and shirt to the mall

    ok, i was talking to a friend who is a AB/DL he is my big bro, i asked him what would happen if my diaper would leak and my pants get wet at the mall, he told me he would go and change me and let my in just a cushies diaper and a shirt and walk around the mall in just that, but i dnt know if...
  10. D

    Accidents when you were younger

    Hey I was just wondering what story's all you guys had on accidents when you were younger. I remember one day in first grade I really needed to pee as I was walking home. I made it in the house and right when I was in the bathroom I started to wet myself. It got all over the tile and my step dad...
  11. D

    Wow pooped my pants in public.

    So last night I went to a party and there was jungle juice and beer to drink let's just say I made sure to get my five bucks worth. I was really wasted and went to the bar and got my dance on. After the bar closed at 2 I went up to a friends apartment from there I met up with these two girls and...
  12. nyah

    delivery arrived

    well i bought a pair of lockable of plastic pants and thay have arrived, yay^^ er what do you do for them to be washed, there is no guidelins and i dont want them to become missformed? anyone know