1. foxytiger

    Baby diaper sizing (pampers size 7)

    Hello peoplez of the magical community of magic. I had a question about baby diaper size. If you wear pampers size 7, then what is the weight limit to them. If someone can answer, then that would help me. Thanks :):smile1:
  2. EmoCowMoo

    Ever heard of Happies or Finee brand diapers?

    I recently came across these 2 random diapers I found on ebay and the description said that they were similar in size to the Pampers size 7, so after a couple of drinks, I paid a stupid price for them, BUT they are really sweet and I'd like to get my hands on some packs of them. The first one...
  3. C

    What is your favorite diaper brand?

    What is your favorite diaper brand? Also if you have any stories of how you hide the diapers and what you do to get them then you can post it on here. My favorite diapers are Goodnites i mainly enjoy wetting them and i just bought them when my parents were not home. Writing a...
  4. S

    Help with baby sizing?

    I'm about a 25" waist, 105lbs. I was wondering if any variety (cruisers, baby dry, etc) of the size 6 of Huggies/Pampers or 4T/5T PullUps would fit without any modifications. If so, would would be the largest and/or have the best capacity? I love the look of real baby diapers, but the medium...
  5. N

    Hello everyone, time for a diaper change....

    before I was getting Depends from my PCP. and now after losing most of my urinary ambitions, she has prescribed me both a case of Huggies and a case of Pampers to use as an insert, while I still look for a pharmacy that can fill my prescription for Bambinos. I like both the Huggies Night time...
  6. D

    What Are The Perfect Baby Diapers For Me?

    I am 128 pounds and I'm a 30-40 inch waist. I am skinny though. I was thinking about buying: Pampers Crusers size 7 (because of it's "super stretchy sides") Parent's Choice size 6 or Fisher-Price Happy Days Size 6 (because they're cheap) Huggies Baby-Shaped or Supreme Size 6 Luvs size 6 Huggies...
  7. X

    Im back adisc.

    I am not new to adisc, i was a member on this site a few years ago under the username "Stealthcat" during the summer of 2010.. I was very.. Imaginative.. I had been familiar with ad/dl/tbs for about 3 months by this point.. and decided it would be a good idea to tell my mom, i asked the members...
  8. X

    Hi :)

    Hi, im Kevlar, im a dl, im 15 and my favorite diaper is Pampers baby dry size 6. ^_^
  9. kratox

    Goo.n super big diaper comparison question.

    I don't care that much for baby diapers if at all (I am like 90% dl and 10% ab), but I was wondering if you can wear goo.n super big baby diapers(doesn't have stretchy tapes or elastic waistband) could you wear pampers size 7(has stretchy tapes). And no I don't want to buy any baby diapers i...
  10. EmoCowMoo

    Losing weight to get into diapers

    Was anyone ever chubby at one point in your life and then lost a bunch of weight mainly to be able to fit in diapers like Pampers Size 7 and other things like that? I was on my way last semester after losing 30 pounds, but depression got the best of me and alcohol caused me to gain a lot of it...
  11. C

    Luvs diaper smell found!!

    Im sure we all have different noses, but from years of smelling luvs diapers and looking for the closest smelling thing, I have found it!! In my honest opinion, the smell that comes 95% to smelling identical to the Luvs Diapers Scent is Suave Powder Deoderant for women! I was just chilling in my...
  12. EmoCowMoo

    purchasing pampers size 7

    In my town, the only place that would ever sell Pampers size 7 was Walgreens, which is where I used to buy them, but as of last August, they stopped selling size 7, which completely sucks. No other freakin grocery store, walmart, or k-mart in my town sold them, soooo stupid. So as of the...
  13. kratox

    Adult sized baby diapers :classic luvs huggies and pampers?

    Well I was on another site and someone posted this site: Classic Luvs Youth Adult Disposable Diapers Do you guys think this is a scam or real. I almost want to buy from them.
  14. T

    Underjams for the UK!

    Just been to the local Tesco, they currently have all 4 varieties of Pampers Underjams on special offer £3 pk/10. Bought one pack of boys l/xl will try them out later :)
  15. N

    Good Birthday

    My birthday is today, and I feel happy that I have some pull ups, some goodnites, some pampers cruisers, some bambinos, and some huggies little santa diapers. This is going to be my best year yet. :smile:
  16. C

    What types of non-adult diapers would fit me?

    Hey, so I have like 30-32 inch waist, I'm 5'10" and weigh 155. I have a very athletic build as well, though I'm definitely not as skinny as I was running cross country in high school. For those of you who wear goodnights, drynights, pampers 7, or other similar diapers, would they fit me? Which...
  17. ScentedPampers

    it all started with Pampers...

    Hi Everyone, Well I’ve been reading ADISC for a while now and find it to be the friendliest AB/DL site I’ve come across. Great work! About me, well I’m a guy who just happens to be a DL. I have a pretty normal life, a responsible job and great family and friends. This is my private side that...
  18. D

    Libero Up&Go size 7

    So I was at the store today at a new location (to me), and I saw some Libero Up&Go Size 7 diapers. So I was interested: does anyone have any experience with them? It would be great to know if they're worth the money, or if I should go with some other diapers. The thing is, those are the very...
  19. Eriq83

    Pampers Prints

    seen these in Target today and figured some of you would want to see these....If you havent already:biggrin: Pampers Prints Diapers: Learn About Pampers Prints Diapers at E
  20. M

    Question about huggies pullups and baby diapers.

    Okay so I was wondering something. I've noticed that a lot of teens and adults can fit into huggies pullups and even a size 6 of pampers. I know these are meant to be for small kids and babies but I was wondering how do they fit you so good. I wear goodnites xl but they are meant for older kids...