1. anon2022

    Opinion on Mama Bear 7+

    Thinking about ordering a pack of Mama Bear 7+, since they’re so much cheaper than Pampers. Can only order a month box, so I want to know your experience before ordering. Btw, Pampers Size 8 (or Size 6 US) fit me. Thx for all your replies!
  2. LilDavid

    Finished Zander's Shower in the Summer Sunshine

    Eight year old Alexander “Zander” Howard is sitting on the wooden bench swing on the back deck of his parent’s house, under the lacquered wooden trellis covered in vines that partly shade him from the warm summer sunshine. He’s wearing a Moana themed sun hat with Maui on the front to keep the...
  3. anon2022

    Similar baby diapers to Pampers in Germany

    Hey guys, Im working on extending my stash and was wondering if any of you can recommend some more baby diapers I could maybe add to my collection. I’d love for them to be similar size wise to the Baby Dry Size 8. Now, since I live in Germany I unfortunately can’t get most of the baby diapers...
  4. anon2022

    Closest Adult Diaper to Pampers?

    My current favorite diapers are the Pampers Size 8. I love their look and feel, especially when they’re wet. However they’re just a little bit too small for me which causes them to break quite often. What adult diapers come closest to Pampers diapers or are there maybe even bigger baby diapers?
  5. A

    Pampers “Grandinhos” - Pampers’ new paw patrol diaper design

    I’m from Brazil and, last week, going to the pharmacy to buy some stuff, I stumbled upon the cutest diaper design I’ve ever seen. Aparently it is a brand-new product that, as far as I know, is only available here. Abdl isn’t a big thing in Brazil, so there aren’t many contents about it, just the...
  6. LittleTinou

    Prevent ninjamas from tearing apart

    Hi dear community. I’m 135lbs and my waist is 30” my first language is French, so if there are any terms I'm not using correctly, let me know. I am here to learn. I found a solution to tearing ninjamas. To fix this, you'll need the tether from a Pampers diaper. 1. cut the tether. 2. Put...
  7. JohnQDiaper

    Ninjamas new size large

    Saw, but did not buy, any of these a few days ago in the local Walgreens. None of the store tags said large and I have not been able to find anything on anywhere on the internet including the Walgreens and Ninjamas websites. Also, of note, the S/M pack on the left has a 5 pound higher max...
  8. Spitfire153

    (UK) Pampers Baby Dry S8 vs Active Fit S6

    Provided you can fit the top end of baby nappies . Baby Dry Size 8 Pros : Long length , Longer Tabs Cons: Weak tab sticky , Weak landing zone glue , Thin width on tab leading to deforming Active Fit Size 6 Pros : Significantly Stronger tabs , Much stronger landing zone glue , Wide tab...
  9. Screenshot_20210503-193824_Parcels.jpg


    Vintage pampers 1993
  10. 20210719_115410.jpg


    Pampers phases 2009 dry max
  11. Sleepo

    "Ninjamas" seem to finally be available in Europe

    Hello there, I've somewhat randomly stumbled upon diapers listings on different Amazon european websites and it seems like Ninjamas are finally available in Europe, albeit under a different name. Some of you may already know that Pampers doesn't exist in Spain and is instead called "Dodot"...
  12. SoggyGolfer

    Do thin diapers do "it" for you?

    I'm a life long DL born in the late 60's during the boom of the first disposable Pampers. After many years of trial and error I've discovered that I desire and get the most satisfaction out of diapers that are Thick, Crinkly, and All White. My top choice is Rearz Inspire Nighttime because they...
  13. JohnQDiaper

    Make boosters from Pampers Ninjamas, Easy Ups, and 360° fit

    For anyone who has an excess of new Pampers products laying around, they can be fairly easily converted into boosters. All of the Pampers pull up style products are designed the same way. The included pictures are from the 5-6T Easy Ups I found at Target a couple days ago. All you need is a...
  14. Prairie

    If Pampers Easy Ups elastic siding could be used for UnderJams

    I noticed that Pampers Easy Ups has some superior elastic siding/waist. The construction seems to be elastic fibers which take the tension, and an excess of the nonwoven material that bunches up into the folds you see. I wonder whether they will eventually move this over to UnderJams, with their...
  15. R

    pampers pants size 7 on amazon!

    Really getting the feeling that the new baby dry size 8 is selling well, they have already gone up and made a baby dry pants size 7 without annyone noticing! Im now very much expecting a Cruisers or swaddlers (hopefully cruisers) Size 8 coming up soon...
  16. G

    Anyone having a hard time finding underjams?

    I can’t hardly find underjams! I usually head to Walmart for these but between jobs that span 300 miles across Idaho, I can’t find a single Walmart that stocks underjams. Anyone know what’s going on?? Thanks in advance!!
  17. C

    Hello from Dorset. -intro

    Hello I am a fairly new DL who has not yet experienced all types of diapers. I will ask for help from time to time and would love to meet new friends. My name is Casey and I'm a TB/TDL I like diaper girls and mummys if anyone wants to meet up. I could also meet with other boys to discuss stuff...
  18. R

    Pampers baby dry 5-6-6+ and 7 has same absorbency

    Size 5-6-7 Cruisers, baby dry and swaddlers Has more or less the same Absorbency, Size 5 does absorb better. The larger sizers are only Longer diapers with the same distribution of SAP they will feel thinner and leak faster Size 5+ Extra absorbtion has the most absorbency across the board...
  19. tykeboy123

    It can’t be just me ??

    I every once and awhile see Somone at the store buying diapers and wonder if they’re an abdl.
  20. Argent

    Curiosity Pampers Baby-Dry Taping Panel Graphics

    Hi peeps, Wondering if anyone has a resource that shows the tapes Pampers used to use back in the ‘90s particularly for the Baby-Dry? I completely love the ABU Super Dry Kids v2 (SDKs) and I understand they are supposed to be basically modelled off the Baby-Dry from 1998 (PBD98.) I did google...