pampers size 7

  1. Bp220

    New pampers swaddlers size 7!!

    Walmart now has size 7 in swaddlers in the store along with cruisers. I can't find anything online about it but I did see them
  2. Y

    Are there/Will there ever be ACTUAL adult baby diapers?

    Hey there! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been wanting to post this for a long time because I've never really seen a post on this. So I guess I'll start one. First of all. I don't think anything compares to baby diapers. Huggies, Pampers, there's no comparison. They have so many...
  3. TakingBackCharlie

    I did it!

    A couple days ago, with my new debit card, I ordered a pack of pampers size 7s. It was such a stressful experience since I live with family. I had to keep an eye on the mail every day since. But now I'm sitting in my first disposable in about a year. This is the first pack of diapers I bought...
  4. D

    Diaper Buying in Japan

    I have a long list of questions but im a DL stuck in Japan. I need diaper advice BAD. -Do they have 3 way fit pampers cruisers size 7? if so could someone link me to the japanese packaging? -Are there any good youth/adult diaper brands? ones with tapes not pull ups? if so what does the...
  5. EmoCowMoo

    purchasing pampers size 7

    In my town, the only place that would ever sell Pampers size 7 was Walgreens, which is where I used to buy them, but as of last August, they stopped selling size 7, which completely sucks. No other freakin grocery store, walmart, or k-mart in my town sold them, soooo stupid. So as of the...
  6. Z

    Who can wear pampers size 7?

    Pampers size 7 Does anyone here still fit them? I have a 26 inch waist so I'm a happy camper but they don't hold much, so I usually triple up on them. I like them because they are kinda babyish and they smell good :)
  7. C


    I've been a AB since about 13 years old and I'm still finding out what I like and dislike. My home is the South East of the UK where I love to Sail, Fly and Communicate with people all around the world as a HAM. The main hobbie that I have is Photography and this goes alongside my day job...