pampers perfume scent

  1. ArchtopK

    First use of Perfume in Diapers

    Anyone want to take a stab at the date Pampers introduced perfume? I was buying them in the 80's and they had perfume. My niece, born in 1970 had them, but I cannot remember if they had the scent then or not. I recently found a colgate(huggies) patent dated 1965, issued in 1968 that references a...
  2. ArchtopK

    Vintage Pampers Scent

    This remains a quest for me - finding this scent. I have on occasion found that smell wafting in a parking lot twice in my life. And that tells me that there are perfumes out there that have a base note that resembles Vintage Pampers. It would really be nice to be able to talk to some of the...