pampers cruisers

  1. Nick24798

    Pampers size 7

    Does anyone know where I can find pampers cruisers size 7 in the UK? Or do they only sell in America
  2. MellowYellow

    Pampers Cruisers Size 7 will they fit me?

    Hey I just recently bought some pampers underjams L/XL and they fit me they are really tight! I have a 31" inch waste 150 lbs 6'0. I fit into goodnights L/XL with absolutely no issues.:sweatdrop: The problem with the underjams are that the sides break on me if I wear them too long, am to...
  3. EmoCowMoo

    The "idea" of larger pampers

    I've been thinking, I know tons of ABDLs have bombarded the baby diaper industry (Pampers, Huggies, etc) for them to make bigger diapers, ones for adults. There's so many problems to that, I mean they can't just up and do that; I mean that'd b freakin awesome to wear a Pampers Cruisers diaper...