pampers baby dry pants

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    pampers baby dry pants 6 ??? and premium protection active fit 6

    i want to try them but NOBODY here has any discussions about them. i guess they dont sell in the locations where many on this forum live. Pampers baby dry 6+ (16kg+) against Pampers baby dry 6 (15kg+) / pampers active fit 6 (15kg+) right now it seems like pampers active fit 6 is slightly...
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    Pampers baby dry pants 6 vs pampers baby dry 6+

    So i barely see topics on Pampers baby dry pants 6 its rated 16kg+ pampers baby dry 6+ here is rated 15kg+ now and not 16+ with the new logo's. annyone knows how they both fit and can compare them? cant find much about pampers baby dry pants 6 at all. guess it doesn't sell everywhere or else...