pampers baby dry 6

  1. ShortGuy

    Got my G.OONs "baby" diapers, pic and some comparison pics

    Hey all. Just got my GOO.N diapers, ordered from Germany. Just thought to show it with some comparison with a few other known and unknown diapers. From left to right Goo.n Super Big XXL, DryNites L-XL boys, Girls underjams L-XL, Kiwisto size 7, Pampers Baby dry 6 Only managed to upload one...
  2. T

    Dutch Diapers

    I want to ask to you guys if Kruidvat 'baby diapers size 6' (baby luiers maat 6) are bigger then Pampers baby dry size 6 (maat 6). I also want to know if some other people know some other diapers that are available in the Netherlands, that are bigger then pampers. please do not responds if...
  3. WearingClouds

    Its possible!!!

    I am able to fit into a Pampers baby dry size 6 ^___^ I had little hope that they would fit, but they do! Yes! I didn't waste my $9 at Walmart haha