1. J

    Adaptive Clothing

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else had good stores related to adaptive clothes small adults could fit into? I have a few sites I found and wondered if anyone has ordered any if these? (back zip clothing)...
  2. Zebben

    Land's End new sleeper (footed)

    So i recently got this years model from LE :) They are available up to size 20 (recommended height 5'8 -5'9). They are super comfy. Recommend! :thumbsup:
  3. Zebben

    Land's End up to size 20!!

    Hello! Just wanted to inform people that winter is coming and that Land's End are selling sleepers up to size 20 this year! Used to be like 14/16 before. I just ordered mine. These sleepers should fit people up to about...
  4. FievelandTonyAB93

    Bought my first footed pajamas today!!!

    Yes, I'm aware that you are reading the title to my thread. I have just bought a pair of the Pop Rock Music Print Fleece Drop Seat Footed Pajamas from PajamaCity. So happy!!!:paci::paci::paci:
  5. DLScottsman

    Nick and Nora footed sleepers

    Target now has Nick and Nora footed sleepers in stock online and in stores again. Of this year's batch i want the sharkies.
  6. DaddysToxxicBabyGirl


    Who doesn't love Pjs? We all know about the basic sites that sell footie pajamas. However, I have yet to see this site mentioned. Hoodie-Footie (TM), The Official Hoodie-Footie, Hoodie Footie Pajamas for Adults | PajamaGram They're just as expensive as everywhere else. But a vanilla friend...
  7. TickleMonster

    Amazing find while regular grocery shopping!

    So there I was, at my favorite store in the whole world Fred Meyers (it's the only one near to me with a self check-out and I don't like to talk to cashiers) and I decided to look for some new pajama pants. Well right there in front of my I saw the prettiest most fluffy pink Hello Kitty footed...
  8. C

    footed sleeper

    hi there, i'm just looking for a new shop that solds footed pajamas as my latest experiences with jumpin jammerz were really bad. it was a great shop some time ago (1 or 2 years ago) but as they redesigned their pajamas i'm really disapointed in them. the new design of thier pajamas fits me...
  9. kalynnharvey

    I only have 1 pair of pajamas in my house. Please advice

    Im not a sissy but I have a kind of girly babyish pair of pajama bottoms that my sister used to own. Should I wear them over my diaper at night or just wear the diaper? Im not too worried about anybody finding out. They are fleece and very comfortable.