1. Blacksmith


    Hi I was wondering how many on adisc like paintball, what equipment you have, the next piece of equipment on your wish list, and the games/style you play. for me I like to play alot, as for equipment I have a Tippman A5, with 18inch Tiller barrel, remote line, one 24oz, and two 20oz co2 tanks...
  2. FlyinTyiger

    Greetings from Canadia!

    Hello everyone, my name is FlyinTyiger, I'm 19 and am from Canada, Ontario. I'm new to ADISC... sorta. I used to be a member here before but was finding it hard to hide my activity from my family so I was unable to really come on here for like a year now. I registered last year but lost the...
  3. PrisonerOfSociety

    Hello from the land of bacon, maple syrup and hockey!

    Hello everyone here at ADISC! I've been coming to this site for months and it took me a while, but as of today I registered, man does it feel good to know that your not the only person who has an interest in diapers, being a baby and what not. This is going to be a long post, I'm the kind of...