1. sotexasDL

    Two day road trip without diapers.....UGGGGH

    I recently made a two day road trip, without wearing a diaper, from my winter place to my summer place. We were going to spend the night in Dallas with my sister so knew it would be very inconvenient wearing and dealing with a diaper while there. I had one full case in the back of the car and...
  2. N

    Has anyone ever heard of these pads?

    I found some pads while looking for things to wear, and i haven't seen anything like them. They're called CVS maximum absorbency pads. I don't know how they exist, but it's basically a dream product for ICs, and can potentially be used all day without leaking. These things are as thick as a...
  3. D

    Incontinence Pads Years Ago

    These days the one in three women with some form of incontinence have a large choice of products to use, available from many supermarkets and pharmacies. Tena, Depend, shops own brand pads and pants are fairly common, but what did women do years ago before these products were so easily...
  4. L

    Diapers that don't leak and bed protection

    What are good diapers that will not leek out the back side cloth or plastic backed one. Looking for some that absorb fast and hold. Also what to do about protecting my bead from seels and messes.
  5. T

    Some Diaper Help...

    So I have a very large surplus of Poise Incontinence Pads, I'm talking Cartons of surplus. They are the largest size/absorbency. What im asking is, how would i go about constructing a makeshift Diaper out of them? remember, quantity is not a problem here. I have access to any common household...