1. tiny

    Diaper padding: firm or squishy?

    I've noticed a trend, where manufacturers seem to be using less wood pulp and more SAP in their diapers. Dry padding with more wood pulp tend to feel quite stiff and dense. Padding with more SAP feels softer and more flexible. When wet, the SAP-rich feels really soft and squishy, whereas...
  2. D

    Let's build the perfect diaper

    So I recognize that the adult baby diaper market seems to just be a bunch of the same stuff. All of the diapers seem to be the same shape whether it's the wrap around padding or the pictures of babies or animals also wearing diapers down to the thick plastic/poly backing and wide but short...
  3. inconsurferdude

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Diaper

    So I've been dealing with incontinence for quite some time (much more on that here: first by wearing pads and later pull-ups. After some encouragement from the incontinence forum, I decided to...
  4. UnSeenWant

    Couple questions on diapers?

    So I haven't had the chance to test out a large majority of diapers. Mainly the following Tena Ultra S/P Goodnites Depends max with tabs What I don't like is after wearing the diapers for more then an hour (when wet) or when dry more then a few hours, the padding moves and clumps up in the rear...
  5. M

    Hiya new to this and enjoying it ^^

    well i just joined the site so far i like what i see i've been padding for awhile now and been a babyfur for a bit to but still kinda new to wearing diapers so any tips is very cool, also looking for some nice diapers ones that can hold allot pretty much a one a day diaper if ya get what i mean ^^
  6. littleaddie

    Padded for the First Time

    I recently started coming to terms with my AB-ish tendencies, much to the dismay of my wife (she doesn't want to see or hear about it). I am still at school for now, while she is at our apartment 4-5 hours away from where I am. It is my last semester, and I am using it to see where I stand with...
  7. TheNewNo2

    Double Padding?

    Could someone please explain to me what exactly double (triple, quadruple, octuple, dodectuple, etc) padding implies? I'd thought it was just about wearing one nappy on top of another, but then someone started talking about cutting holes in it and I got confused. Can anyone help?
  8. leffykit

    Kendal Lille bulk on ebay

    I really wish I had the cash and my own place to stash 'em, but seeing as I don't and won't in the near future I figured I'd give anyone interested a heads up on something I found on ebay. Unfortunately its UK only but still.. Job lot of 731 Lille Incontinence Adult Pads , nappies on eBay (end...