1. L

    Engoloids Medical Shipping Question

    So I was wondering if anyone had ever ordered any First Quality diapers through Engoloids Medical. I just bought a pack from them, but I'm starting to get nervous as I live with roommates and I can't seem to find anywhere on their site or elsewhere whether or not their shipping is discreet. Does...
  2. T

    Diaper packages?

    Is it just me that kinda gets... "excited" over diaper packages? (just as side info, as some I have met don't know what I really mean) With diaper package I mean, "packages" of diapers bought in stores and such, in sweden (at the least) are they decorative, with children on front in diapers or...
  3. abdl690

    Just how 'descreet' is the packaging?

    I normally just buy Depends Fitted Maximum from Walgreens, and those have worked pretty well for me and my (small) budget. I have recently been wanting to splurge and buy some higher quality 24/7's, Bambinos, XP Medical, etc... Since I live with my parents (on breaks) or a roomate (at...
  4. chevre

    The UPS Store / Package pickup

    So, has anyone here had any experience receiving packages through postal stores like the UPS store? Because right now I live alone and I'm not sure packages will be left at my apartment (and I work during business hours, duh I guess) so I can't really receive packages here. I noticed The UPS...