1. SuperSpaceBird

    What are your thoughts on stuffed pacifiers?

    I bought a big latex ABDL pacifier and I like it but they also offer stuffed pacifiers. What is a stuffed pacifier like?
  2. sillygirl

    How long do you use a pacifier for every day?

    Just thought of this random question and I thought I’d post it : ) I use my pacifier for probably 4 or 5 hours a day
  3. sillygirl

    If you had a pacifier when did you give it up?

    I have mine up when I was 5 years old because I always struggled quitting because of my autism.
  4. Demonbabywearspamps

    What paci do you use?

    I'm hoping to start a thread of showing off our pacis! Personally I use a cute purple deco paci with "kitten" on it! Do any of y'all use pacis? If so show them off!
  5. B

    Pacifier repairs?

    I've started a pacifier store recently and I've had a few recurring problems like the notch that holds the handle in place breaking or being unable to remove a misplaced rhinestone once the glue dries. Is there anything I can do to repair these issues? Also was there any tips people had for...
  6. knnk

    Need help to modify baby pacifier’s nipple

    Hello umm I’m new here. I’m seeking for help here because I can’t find help anywhere. I live in Argentina, and it’s a country with a lot of economical problems rn and for years, even now, the citizens cannot get to import anything here from other countries for personal reasons. So here there is...
  7. confusedboy

    Where can i get this style adult pacifier

    Had this as a child and Iwant it back! Can anyone direct me where I can get one reasonably priced for adult pacifier?
  8. Oinker94

    Original (pre-1992) MAM Pacifier Revelations!

    As luck would have it this month, I got my hands on MAM pacifiers that were made prior to 1992! Got these on EBay, and I was lucky enough to be the only bidder! I wanted to modify these myself with adult sized nipples that I have on hand (have to anyway because of the age of the nipples), and I...
  9. ShyGirl91


    I decorated this in about 3 hours. It was cathartic and helped keep me out of my head. I'm going to list it on my Etsy shop. It's my first item to sell! ☺️ I'm going to sell it for 25.00. I created my Etsy banner and icon a couple of weeks ago. If you check out my shop, I'd love to hear...
  10. michaelmc

    Pacifiers and Dummies

    I have like many here been looking at pacifiers on many sites and although there is good choices i think the choice of teats is lacking after all when i like many was a baby the only type was the latex cherry nipple type . I think it's sad that they only offer us the clear modern flat teat i...
  11. HoneyBabyy

    Best pacifiers for thumb suckers?

    I want so badly to find a pacifier that has a similar mouth feel to thumb sucking, as that's what's most relaxing to me. I have a standard orthodontic size 8 as well as the Fixx, and while the Fixx comes closest of the 2 and I like it, neither one really compares to sucking my thumb! Do any...
  12. babyrose111

    NUK paci

    hi! has anyone tried using the NUK 18/36 month pacis? how are they in size compared to an adult paci? is the difference big?
  13. babyrose111

    favourite LittleForBig pacifier

    hi! i wanna buy a new pacifier from LittleForBig. I already have one of their generation II with a giraffe on but thinking about buying the generation 3 one. but what i’m wondering is what’s you favourite one from them and what you like and don’t like about them. or if maybe you have some others...
  14. babyrose111

    Using pacifiers

    i’ve noticed when i sleep with my pacifier (done it for around half a week now) i tend to drool a lot. is that normal? is my pacifier nipple too big? am i using it wrong?
  15. PuffPuffPaci

    Is it time for an updated pacifier review?

    Would anyone be interested in reading an updated pacifier review? Im kinda writing one as a pet project and thought yall might like to read it when its finished. I'm also looking for any companies/sellers (specifically from ebay, etsy and custom sellers that are well known) I might have missed...
  16. Oinker94

    Original Classic MAMs in Adult size?

    I know it’s a stretch, but wouldn’t it be cool if another adult pacifier was made using this shape? It’s the way MAMs were made prior to 1992. They were eventually fazed out in the early 2000s. This particular kind was my first paci when I was a baby.
  17. PaKo66

    It's time to introduce myself even if a bit late ...

    I'm more used to introducing myself in communities and groups of a different kind. But I'll try. I am 55 DL with some aspects of Sissy and AB. I found out that something was wrong with me when I was about eighteen, but I discovered AB in myself and in general around 1993. I first had discovered...
  18. K00paTr00pa

    Binky Care

    Since Im still pretty new to using pacifiers, I wanted to ask what peoples methods were for cleaning them and how often they did it? Currently using a light coat of dish soap every night on mine.
  19. Oinker94

    MAM styled Pacifier nipples are here!!!

    Check Dion413’s EBay page. After all these years, they’ve finally arrived!
  20. CJB

    What pacifier would you reccommend?

    My next step is going to be buy a pacifier to suck on while I sleep. Which one would you all reccommend?