1. Meganallen69y

    Holes in Pacifiers

    I have bought 3 pacifiers in the past year. I've never chewed or bitten them or anything like that. At least not that I know of/realize. My first one was from an online store and it was an adult paci. It got a hole in it like the first month of me having it. I kept using it n just tried being...
  2. SpAzpieSweeTot coupon code?

    I'm finally, finally, finally, finally, finally getting a paci! Did I mention finally? Happy biwfday to me! It's v pink 1, wif v faiwy pwincess on it! Does anyone have a coupon code for My gift card barely covers the paci and the clip adapter ring. That's no problem, but I am...
  3. Lilbunny

    Question About Pacis

    So I have the option to buy a new paci and i got a little curious with the option of having a latex nub instead of a silicon one. Does anyone have any experience with latex nubs instead of silicon?
  4. BabyKai

    What do you think about pacifiers/dummy's?

    I love pacifiers but that's mainly because I've used them all my life. Couldn't be weaned off them and my parents ended up letting me carry on using them. I'm now 19 and walk around the whole house with about 5 at all times. One in my mouth and four to hold, play with and touch (I have sensory...
  5. P

    Onesie and pacifier suggestions?

    So my friend who wants to try this stuff is looking for an all-black paci and one of those snap-crotch onesies that look like t-shirts. Does anyone know where I can find these oddly specific things or something similar to it?
  6. PaciPrincesss

    Paci troubles

    Hi everyone! I know I don't post on here very often but, I need some advice or maybe someone who's had a similar experience. I've been having some issues with pacifiers for a few years now, I used to use the nuk 3 (18-36 months) a few years back. I have those up because I could tell they were...
  7. Sheepies

    How to make your own CUSTOM paci

    Nice and affordable adult sized pacifiers are sometimes hard to come by. If you're willing to drop a good amount of money on a pre-made paci by all means go for it but this guide will show you how to customize your own adult sized paci into any design you want at a fraction of the cost...
  8. Tylexon

    YAY! New Paci!

    I got a new paci!! YAY!!!! I was randomly looking on eBay and came across it... just couldn't pass it up :) It feels bigger than my NUK but not by much.
  9. Sheepies

    Does using a paci mess up your teeth?

    Hi! New to this whole thing... just got my first paci 4 days ago and loving it, but oh my gosh does it hurt when used too much. Have a Nuk 18-36m size, don't know the sizes yet, does anyone know that it is? Anywho, I'm one to suffer from severe anxiety and have lately been really worried if...
  10. neonnoodle

    Has anyone tried these? They look great. A little pricy, but a larger version of the Mam shield so many of us love.
  11. sproutling

    Pacifier Modification

    Okay, so about a month ago I got this new and awesome pacifier found here: the problem is, the nipple is tougher (but smoother!) than what I'm used to because I'm used to having the air be pushed out, is there a way to modify it to let air out the...
  12. puppyfat

    My paci tastes weird?

    Seems like lately my paci has started to taste weird. It hasn't made me sick or anything (yet? *shudders*) but it doesn't taste... right. I wash it before and after each use and keep it in a jar. I rub it dry with a paper towel and let it air dry the rest of the way before storing it again. but...
  13. Shyanne

    MAM Night Pacifers

    Ok..chances are most of you wont see this or read this. But I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find any of these pacifiers for sale anywhere? Or if anyone had a spare paci of one of these they are willing to sell me? They are MAM Night brand pacis but everywhere online is randomly...
  14. Shyanne

    Paci Covers?

    I had a there a paci cover that would fit universally any Nuk 5 paci? or do I need to buy a whole new Paci just to get one with a cover? I don't want mine to get nasty lol
  15. B

    Larger Paci's

    Does anyone else think that there should adult sized pacifier guards because all the current ones are so little
  16. D

    Need some advice on pacifiers?

    Never had a pacifier was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations... nothing too pricey... if you need any more information then go ahead and ask!:biggrin:
  17. bvb123

    NUK 5 Question

    Ok so I finally wanna buy a NUK 5 however I am very very paranoid about being caught, especially if my parents get it through the mail and realise what it is I've ordered. So I have a few questions before I actually buy one What is the packaging for a NUK 5 like? Like if it comes through the...
  18. AmberBulb95

    Plugged in Public

    Today I relived an awesome experience I had years ago! I finally worked up the courage to make the trip home from school with my dummy. I put it in my school bag this morning, kept it in my locker until the fifth period (I get the sixth period off on Mondays) and took advantage of the...
  19. AmberBulb95

    Bathing with a dummy

    If you're like me then you love your dummy but don't have an awful lot of privacy to indulge. Does anyone bathe/shower with their dummy? I find it very relaxing and soothing having my dummy all to myself with assured privacy.:paci:
  20. D

    Paci + Changing Mat

    Quick couple of questions... I currently have a baby dummy (Paci) that I use a night, is it worth updating to an adult one? Also just using baby changing mats currently, is it worth changing to an adult one? Cheers