paci modifications

  1. J

    Can you modify the NUK Medic Pro?

    I recently bought the NUK Medic Pro (L) but i don't really like the shield. Is there a way to remove the nipple? I know that I could technically just buy the teat without the shield on etsy but its so much more expensive and i don't wanna spend that extra money (if possible).
  2. sproutling

    Pacifier Modification

    Okay, so about a month ago I got this new and awesome pacifier found here: the problem is, the nipple is tougher (but smoother!) than what I'm used to because I'm used to having the air be pushed out, is there a way to modify it to let air out the...
  3. Geno

    Geno's Quick Guide to Pacifier Modding (With Pictures!)

    My search attempts at finding a guide or tips didn't prove very fruitful, so here's a quick how to guide and some information concerning structure that should be noted on pacifiers. So without further ado.... Geno's Quick Guide to Pacifier Modding! Disclaimer and Warning: The tools used...