paci cleaning

  1. Littleone91

    Need help with getting rid of nasty taste off of pacifier

    I just bought brand new pacifiers from Amazon and I washed them and hot water and soap for 30 minutes I took them out rinse them off really well but for some reason my pacifiers tastes horrible. I soak them in mouthwash for over half an hour and they still tastes horrible what do I do? How do I...
  2. MatalicPebble

    Idea for solving soapy paci problem

    So this came up a while back and I have been pondering on it. I had got myself a new paci because my old one was well... "OLD" . It tasted like soap because I was washing it more often to try and soften it up. So with my new paci I noticed its really hard to keep the inside of it dry. Soap gets...
  3. Snowfall

    Pacifier advice

    Ok so I went out today to do a little Christmas shopping and I got myself a couple of brand new pacis, quite a big step for me as it's the first time I've really brought AB stuff, anyway I've had them for 5 minutes and I'm already sucking on one and I really love them! I have some questions...