1. PetPuppyAlex

    Collars: Sexual or Emotional?

    I've been doing some looking around the site for interestingly new content and I didn't find anything that fit my definition of 'new and interesting' per se. But, seeing as I haven't posted anything or interacted with ADISC at all in a hellishly long time, I've actually developed a good...
  2. JessycaNekoGirl

    Irl owner?

    How many of us have a irl owner/ caretaker? I have one and she is very sweet to me. I isn't sexual I just play her pet/baby Neko once in a while. I'm curious about you all. Do you have anyone irl who is your "owner" irl? (I don't mean in a BDSM way. Although she is also my owner in BDSM...