1. paddedkitten

    Baby Baby Diapers

    I recently purchased a package of Huggies Goodnites L/XL and I fell in love. Because I liked them so much, I began researching similar types of diapers and pull-ups big enough to fit an adult waist, but made for babies and teens. I'm mainly interested in physical appeal and fit than absorbency...
  2. L

    Hello, New to the Forum! Questions about Huggies Overnites

    Hello, I'm new to the forum (but not a very new ABDL, I've been one for a couple of years). Just to tell you a bit about myself, I enjoy some AB aspects and some DL aspects. I like to use disposable diapers and I like both wetting and messing. I usually only buy one pack of diapers at a time...
  3. P

    Are these considered diapers?

    I'm wearing "Overnites for Kids" Dollar General diapers for up to 125lbs. They fit well, but they're kind of thin. I'm okay with this, but are they considered diapers? I kind of like the slim, snug fit. I want to think of them as diapers. Oh, and the butt of the diaper isn't padded...