1. P

    What Brand of OverNight Diaper do you sleep in?

    Was just wondering what brand of overnight diaper so you sleep in? For me i sleep in Tykables Overnights, since i like how much the swell
  2. ProudPaddedBro

    Tykables Shipping Updates

    Since there are are a couple of threads mentioning it but not one specifically for it, figured I'd start a thread where we can follow what's going on with Tykables. Today's update: website went from saying Overnights would ship today to being delayed until 11/1. Has anyone on the west coast...
  3. itsacurlyone

    Tykables - coming back to Australia

    It is with great excitement that I am able to inform our readers - more especially in Australia that Tykables are coming back to Australia. http://www.littles-downunder.com.au have formed a business relationship with Tykables and new stock is on way. Littles Down Under should receive the stock...
  4. KarmaBaby

    Molicare super plus

    Are the purple molicare super pluses really discontinued? I finally got the nerve to try some actual adult diapers instead of using pampers and goodnights with diaper covers. I just finished a bag of small molicares and small abenda S4. The molicares fit perfectly and were great!! I found the...
  5. D

    Big Order

    So I haven't posted in a while but I thought this would be a good occasion. I just made a pretty big order and part of it shipped just a few minutes ago. I ordered 50 Tykables Overnights and a combo case of 40 Space and 40 Little Pawz from ABU. :thumbsup: I am really excited to get these...
  6. D

    Tranquility Premium Overnights

    So this is my first premium diaper.. The absobancy is great and the overall feel is extremely comfortable so I undoubtedly love it. I just wanted to find out how everyone else's experiences compared to mine. The one thing that I noticed is that it is very bulky even when it isn't wet so I am...