1. D

    Do you remember your first wetting outside your home?

    Hello guys ;) Do you remember the day that first time you wet your diaper outside home? For me it happened something like 2-3 weeks after i wore my first ever adult diaper at home. I was on 3 week student internship on bank branch, and I've been doing different not much interesting and important...
  2. inconsurferdude

    Letting your diaper leak

    Kind of expanding on a comment I posted in another thread, but I'm curious if any other incontinent people here can relate. Basically when I'm doing sweaty stuff outside all day and mostly away from other people (like hiking or gardening) I'll apply extra powder before changing into a cheap...
  3. diaperedinCT

    Camping I’m Connecticut

    So I am planning on taking a camping trip soon most likely will be in the Connecticut area possibly even Massachusetts. Would any other ABDL/Littles/Diaper Lovers be interested in possibly meeting up? Group camping possibly? This would have to be family friendly as my family will be with me as...
  4. G

    My life, my love, my ABDL.

    I am 60 plus years old and have been living with my ABDL thoughts and fetishes since my adolescence. It is a difficult concept to accept for myself, but I am learning. This site has been a great to me in accepting who I am. Most of my life I have been very secretive about this habit...
  5. B

    Who wears their Little/AB clothes in public?

    In reading the posts, it seems like some members have an extensive wardrobe of clothes for their smaller selves. I'm wondering how many members wear those clothes in public, where it can be seen (and not necessarily recognized as AB/DL clothing). Myself, I've worn jonjons and longalls to...
  6. Sazzer

    Biking in a pair of DryNites

    Had the day to myself today for a change so I decided to go for a bike ride wearing my DryNites and some cool spiderman undies over them (haven't ridden my bike for over a month now so feeling a little guilty). I cycled down some country roads near to where I live then found a track that looked...
  7. M


    STIHL :smile1: or Husqvarna?
  8. Celina

    What's Up

    Hey my name is Dean and I am 20 years old going to College in Washington DC. I just started to accept my feelings when I came out to my girlfriend who was totally into it. Since then, I have bought diapers and for once have embraced it. I enjoy running, reading and being outdoors. Can't wait to...