1. H

    England nuk 5 and bottle

    I'm looking to find a place online to buy a NUK 5 and possibly a bottle as well but with a sort of delivery like collect+ so it isn't posted to my house but to a place i pick it up as I live at home with my mother.
  2. H

    Poste Restante

    Couple of questions about the uk poste restante: When i set it up how long does it last? Can you use it for imports from other EU countries? How long do they keep the post for? Is there a size limit for packages? Are non post office couriers able to deliver to poste restante? Is there any other...
  3. TyphaHare

    Save Express Shipping Questions!

    I want to order from Save Express, but I have never used the shipping options they offer... I think!? They're some sort of courier options and uh.. durp.. how do I use those services!? I feel SO DUMB ASKING :''D But! I live in the middle of nowhere and if I miss the courier, and have to go get...
  4. D

    Ordering diapers?

    So I recently ordered diapers from two desperate Internet sites. The first order was from bambino diapers I ordered two bags and I know they are shipped discretly. The second order I placed was from drugstore.com and I have no idea what to expect. So my question is does anyone know what I should...
  5. S

    Question About Ordering

    Hey people! So I have a quick question about ordering Bambino diapers (and I'm sure this variation has been asked before). I'm in a dorm here at college and packages get shipped to the school post office from a local post office somewhere in the city. I don't want to set up a PO box or anything...
  6. Littleabgirl

    Bad places to order from

    Well, as far as I can see the last thread this was discussed in was in 2008 so time to re-open the problem. Post below any companies you would never use again and the reason. My only one - Bambo Nature, Eco, Training, Nature, Nappies, Incontinence Pads, Organic, Biodegradable Nappy, Baby...
  7. T

    help choosing diapers!!!

    Hey im looking to place an order for some diapers. In the past i have used Tena Supers, Depend overnights, Attends and store brands. I like the tenas because they are thick and i like the attends because they are noisy. Help me choose between 1) tranquility atn 2) molicare super plus 3)...